15 Oct

I’m giving up on this for a while.

I’m tired and confused.

I need to find my focus otherwise I think I’m going to go mad.

Things don’t feel settled, I don’t feel like I have a plan at the moment and I can’t work like that. I don’t like just floating along.


Things are great with The Boyfriend and with family/at home, I’m happy, no need to worry, I’m just a bit lost that’s all.


I will be back, just not for a little while.

I’m still reading and commenting on your blogs.

I’ll check in on Twitter when I can and you can reach me via email/Facebook.



“Life has a funny way…

2 Oct
**Highly likely I’ll end up deleting this post by lunch time**

…of sneaking up on you when you think everything’s okay and everything’s going right…”

Isn’t it ironic

If the events that occurred on Christmas Eve 2009 hadn’t happened, today would have been ‘the happiest day of my life’

Isn’t it ironic that I’m actually happier now, today, at this moment, than I was throughout that whole relationship.

I put up with feeling the way I did for 2 years with someone who never understood or even tried to.

Isn’t it funny how I met someone who understood, who was willing to offer the  support if I needed it and who I trusted enough to try what I’d been scared to do for 4 years

“…And life has a funny way of helping you out”

Today marks a very lucky escape. Things could have been so very different.

Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

Taking a short break

17 Sep

I’m feeling a teeny bit stressed at the mo, no big problems or anything just lots of little ones and an over active monkey mind again. Just need some time away from the computer to re-focus myself and relax a little I think!

I’m gonna take a tiny break from blogging but I’ll be back in a few days-week or so.

Twitter is playing up on my iPhone at the mo too so if you want me just email (addy is on contact page!)

See you soon xxxxxx

Deans Cable Tie Critter Corner

16 Sep

We’ve already had a spider and a scorpion

now we have a praying mantis…

He almost rivals my Wax Modelling talents…almost…